Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dr. Momma - Pt . 2

Well, my better half is home now after the second surgery. Pop brought him home , and luck is on our side . The NG , JZ is home so she and I were able to go fetch " Pearl " the wonder car from the dr's parking lot. Hisself had forgotten the pain meds in the console of Pearl so there ya go.

I have some soup that I pured veggies into that I can restrain for him, the tea and jello are made. The other NG, CD and I made the Kroger run for the soft food yada yada that I can fix for him....damn that stuff adds up too....OK..the Dryers cookie dough ice cream is for me....busted..I know.

I've called my office to let them know that I won't be in on Monday since he has to go back for the third surgery....yeah.


Evidently, the remaining teeth are being stubborn and he had begun to metabolize the nitrous and Novocaine so they had to take a pause in all of this. Of course the Dental staff wouldn't tell me jack...which I fully get with the HIPPA laws..that's fine, but I still wanted to let them know that he got home okay and to confirm that the next dental appt. is this coming Monday. Tuesday...I have no clue and I will deal with that then.

Thankfully , I have a boss who does understand all of this , and that is a not sucking up here...just giving credit where credit is due. I also called Nee Nee so she won't fret and she can pass it on to those who need to know without putting it out firm wide...

Off to check soup... oops..I need to go find his business card so that I can call his office and give them a heads up regarding the number.

Keep my better half in good thoughts ..m'kay ??


Dr. Aunty Pol

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