Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life Will Smack You Upside The Head

It must be stated that life at Casa de Swamp has been a challenge of late.
And then there are the others that we care about who have larger issues that put the p in perspective .
One of the hardest things for me is to refrain.
Growing up as I did, I am very fortunate that I have a few best friends for life.
Not the cheesy tat BFF.
The kind of friend that you hop on a plane for at a moments notice.
The kind of friend who knows not to ask when they see shit that you are doing your damnest to hide and have the grace to not cross examine you.
The sister of your heart.
The sister of my heart is going through some major pain right now. We've talked via e mail during the day and all I know to do and can bring to the table is unflinching love and support.
And yet.........
I will not call her for a day or so.
I know that they need a few days to process what is going on.
We have been there.
Because I love them both, I give them space.
This is an act of love , not ego.
So tonight I wrap them in my arms and then we laugh and give each other the chit and grief as we always have.
To Double O Mullet and his Miss Money Penny...
I got your back.
We Love You .
Aunty Pol

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