Monday, December 10, 2012

A Year Has Passed...

It's been a year now baby boy since you left all of us.
We miss you every day.
The patio is just now the  same without you on patrol and I know that you would have loved the deck , once you had gotten used to it. Mama fixed it really pretty and wishes you were there to play .
Nieci and Munchkin are with you now and with Gumbo to run the fences and all of the other "brofurs and sisfurs " that you have met , I am sure that there are plenty of snuggles and bellies for all to share.
Your plumbago is doing really well and everyone knows that it is yours and we are all taking good care of it.
Daddy finally got rid of the art work in the back yard so you would be amused at the squirrels confusion because we took their hidey hole away.
We finally got the driveway replaced and I was sure to put your name in the corner so that everyone knew that our borders were still patrolled by the pants patrol.

I miss you Pooky, say a small prayer to Bast for Xeni . Diddums is not doing really well right now and I am worried. Maybe you can visit her when she is napping and tell her to be a good girl and eat her Rx food and that Mommy and Daddy aren't trying to upset her when we have to grab her for her meds....her tummy is really not so good right now and we are help the Mama out here, okay ?

The Mama and The Daddy Units
Xena, Boshi, Loki and Gracie Marie .

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kleinwort said...

Hugs, my Aunty. And to the daddy unit. And skrtches to all the overlords.

I'm raising a glass to the Sarge now! Patrol the Bridge well, Andy! Your beans and furblings will be there before you know it!

And soft warm rubs for your tummy, Xena... we're sayin' some prayers over here in B'more, hon!