Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's That Time Of The Year Y'All !

For what ever reason, I am just not finding as much of the holiday silliness to post as I did last year , so going forward, during December, I will be posting some of the annual stuff that I have before..personally I think you have to do it more than one time for any thing to qualify as being annual...or am I over thinking it again ?


As usual I am behind on some stuff but not as bad as in previous years....lmao.
Considering that it has been 9 years since we put up the tree and have only had the Charlie Brown one ( genius ) for a couple of years , it's not too bad. Cards are out so there is that...I some of the packages have already been shipped ( went out from the office the day before yesterday for Sweetpea and it is going to your office..and some have shipped out so ...yatzee !) ....BUT...I screwed up and the sockies with the rattles and the plaque didn't come to the office, it came to the house so SU is going to have to brave the USPS Saturday am ..the usual mea culpa sweetie.

Stuff for Colorado will go out Tuesday at the latest after the battery bandit replaces the triple A' know who you are .

And..I have to sort/bag what ev all of the ones for the office this weekend to deliver next week because I am out of the office from the 21'st through the end of the year..and manage a haircolor appt and I need to make a list.....

But on the upside , you are warned, I get much more creative on posting  from the house than I do from here....mwahahahh...all in good taste naturally..there are FAR to many others out in the media who can be tacky all by them selves...for example...underwear is always good and personally I would pay good money to see Lohans personal effects end up on " Storage Wars.."..which also reminds me..Whiskey Tango Foxtrot firing Dave ( YEP ) Hester ? ..not that SU and I watch the show or anything ...LMAO .

OCD much ?

Nope .

Not Me.


Aunty Pol

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