Sunday, December 30, 2012

As The Holidays Wind Down

All in all it's been a lovely , quiet, colder than  beejeebers holiday here at the Casa. I've been off for a week or so and for once decided to give myself a break and not go bat shite over the imagined lists of things  I always plan for myself to do when I am home , trust me I needed the mental R and R .

I still have a few things to do when he goes to work tomorrow, so I am comfortable with the " didn't get done" bit because hisself has been working 90 to nothing and is dragging his butt too.

Middle ages does that y' really does.

We had a lovely dinner last night for the anniversary which was actually on the 27'th but with  his hours, Saturday worked out just fine. We went over to a local place called Trulucks  recommended by a gal pal at the office and for all of the local folk, if you haven't been and it's an occasion , I cannot recommend it enough. The lobster was superb ( thanks again Kells ) and the service was just what we hoped it would be. We enjoyed it as much as we did Dicky Brennans in Nola and it was well worth the $$$ spent.

As for Christmas, again it was lovely. Sistah sent me a book that she made of photos including Sweet Pea and I cried buckets at the love it held, it will be treasured all of  my life, it really will. Southside came over and we had a great dinner , well as far as what he could actually east but the dental issues will be soon resolved so there is that.

Xena is holding her own but is what it is.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday in what ever manner they celebrate it and I am closing with love and hugs to all my dear know who you are,

Love to all.

Aunty Pol aka Jane, Gordon, Xena, Boshi, Loki and Gracie Marie.

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