Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chocolate, Orange Marmalade Bliss..Oh My !

I was noodling around my list of daily blog reads looking for a recipe that I want to post here if I can with permission, and luckily for me I had seen it over at Pinterst so I went to the original blog and submitted the request. While waiting I popped over to Bake at 350 and read the post about Hersheys and baking . There was a cute as all get out contest so I had to enter ( LMAO...Lady Lisa will tell you that her contest from a while back REALLY is the ONLY internet/blogger contest that I have ever won ) ..anyhoo..there was a link to the Hersheys home page and so I popped over. As is my custom, when I check out a new website with recipes , I automatically check out quick breads and muffins in the recipe index. Don't ask me why..then I saw this one...and I have to lay my head down . I wonder, the recipe calls for premade pie crust ( which I am totally fine  with BTW  ) ..but I wonder would crescent rolls work too ?

I can hear Lady L plotting my demise now.

Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

Answer: Yes, but puffier. Texture softer.

You're safe for now. Can't kill you for a recipe I already have made (well, really similar recipe anyway). Might put the hurt on you for reminding me of it, though.

Similar taste profile but denser and sweeter: put orange zest/extract/both in the cream cheese mixture for black bottoms. Always a hit when I take them places.