Thursday, December 20, 2012

For My Father ~ Feliz Navidad ~ !
What a different year this has been.

I have been going over some of last Decembers posts..LMAO..yeah ..I never did get around to making the Krumkakke did I ?

As I sat on the deck last night ,  with the Charlie Brown Christmas tree on the top of the large bookcase that SU built, I realized again that this is our normal for Christmas. Now bear in mind that normal is not a word that I personally associate with the holiday because as custom would have it , at least in our house there is always a crisis of some sort on the horizon. Translation: That shit costs money y'all.  This Christmas, I have done things I haven't done in years...I sent out cards, put up the tree , and not only got shopping all done early, all of the things that needed to be mailed out were dons so NOT LATE ! YEAH ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course some might consider it cheating that I did some of the shopping on the Oregon coast this past September and I a did a lot on line but Whisky tango got done.

Some things changed for the better , some did not but it is what it is so there ya go..

I will be home after today until 2 Jan so let the weirdness begin.

Feliz Navidad to all and Happy Festivus for the rest of us.

Santa's favorite helper..
Aunty Pol

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