Monday, December 03, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday...

Sheesh , I had to come to work to slow down.

I know....


Saturday was really more interesting than I thought it would be , watching the crew pour and smooth the driveway. I guess I just like to watch the process ( aka housework though I am paying  for it now ) ..We suspected that there was in fact NO rebar on the original pour in 1976 and we were right. Once they had gotten all of the debris out of the way it went pretty quickly. It looks great but as always there is a problem. Years ago SU put slate over the concrete in the from entry way and we love it , such a pretty upgrade. SU noticed before I did that when they put the rebar in the area just below the slate they chipped the bottoms of the tiles. I am not happy and fully expect that they will replace it all or at least fix the broken parts ( SU...this is for you to S or W about this ) . Since SU was gone for most of the day , after all was said and done , as we sat on the deck, we realized that it was damn near illegal if not immoral to have wet Cee -Ment and not at the very least put our initials or something on it . At the end of the driveway by the garage on the passenger side I carved in what I wanted ..." Andy Panda Pants " and the girls signed their initials and the year on the edge /border on their side.....Voila ! ART !

The tree is up but only has 2 ornaments on uit because we couldn't find the thrice damned ornament you know how hard they are to find at this point ? Trust me, I could find my ovaries easier . SU finally found some at Tar Jay. shopping.

We made the circuit yesterday , and found some neat stuff for the house..yawn I know but Lowes every weekend is my life. We got him a sport coat because he had ..err..."outgrown" the ones that he had and he wants to go to the office holiday party at the Rice hotel and he has to have a sport coat ..

Now for me , I could give a rodents rear end over the party, I guess because I grew up with the whole cocktail party thing and they bore the hell out of me and blah blah,.....except  for a few like Betty Crocker and Nee Nee and Scooter and Mindy ...but life at the casa is chaos till its not..and that is fine...and a free meal is after all a free meal and I have been here since the Jurrasic era and I think it's expected...and of COURSE I bought a new top and sweater for me...mwahahahahahahah...bazinga !

And my brain is about to implode....the usual Holiday cheer...

Time to Boogie

Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

1In puddles over your art, honey! *bittersweet smile*