Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Ask Dr. Baltar

Dear Dr. Baltar,
I recently was fortunate enough to hear one of your thought provoking speeches and after much thought , hoped that I might seek your advice on a delicate area.
One hears often of the pantheon of differing Deity's and their various paths to enlightenment.
How,Sir does one know which path to follow ?
My parents cannot be bothered to sit down and discuss this with me due to their busy schedules on the flight deck, my peers cannot be bothered with my " flights of fancy " to put it politely.
Surely , as a man of your stature and education , you with all of your lifelong experiences can offer up even the smallest gem of insight.
Forever Grateful.
A Fellow Seeker of Truth.
Dear Lookey Seekie,
Really, you young people fail to see that a person of my stature has far more important and pressing things to deal with than your hormonal meanderings, no matter how nicely you whine for the answers to life's pop quiz's.
Go find a playmate, hopefully of the opposite gender and play hide and seek with them.
Note to self: I must get a security upgrade on the locks to my personal cabin.
Happy Cinco de Mayo People !
I find it amusing that all of a sudden over he last few years that any holiday that can be remotely tied to alcohol is an excuse to throw a party.
Bastille Day ..ok....guilty .
But...come on..if you want to celebrate a holiday , before you cut loose , show some respect and at least google it to see what it's all about.
Be careful out there today kids.....not even the Margarita's at Cyclone Anaya's are worth a ticket or worse.
Lecture Over.
Carry on.
Aunty Pol

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