Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Pause In Posts

There will be a break in posting this week.
Long story short..as many of you know my mother in law is not in good health ( heart , cancer, age) and had to go to the hospital at 6 am yesterday with breathing issues.
Medical trifecta..pneumonia, UTI and congestive heart.
We saw her last night briefly.
I just got a call that they have taken her to ICU.
Gordy is on his way there, I am at work till I know more or get the next call.
I've never imagined nor do I EVER want to hear my father in law in tears again..
Same for my husband.
I'll keep all y'all posted.


Roger said...

Sorry to hear about Gordies Mother.

She and her family in our thoughts and prayers.
Hope for the best.


CT & the gang

one of all said...

oh God so sorry about that ...
well there are plenty people in the same situation around us....
Hope all of them get better sooooooooon