Friday, May 28, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

She's Baaaaccckkkkk !


It's going to take a while to get all caught up...I'm making progress tho...Peggy Sue over at Space Paws got a forever home...Melly is getting along nicely with Scarlett...The adorable snorgable Anderson Erickson Tuxies are tooo f'g cute for words...I want them worse than I wanted Orson...(!)..I've been taking one blog at a time and trying to skim them..all y'all have no idea how many blogs I follow on a daily basis...I have a " 9 Chickweed Lane" on Yahoo since our local rat bastard paper no longer carries it...GRRRR,.....then my blogs..then Tasty Kitchen to see what recipes I cannot live without and must torment Lady L with...and so on while pondering the daily post here.

And yes...I do this from work...don't ask...they don't mind and I am very respectful and mindful of the illusion of privacy , the innertubes and the workplace.


Life goes on.

We are both beyond tired and I have asked SU to stay home this weekend rather than go to the Crazy Cajun's nephews crawfish boil in Brenham.

Any other time I'd be saying.." need gas money ?...GO !" whilst I bask in the peace and quiet...but there is too much to do.

We've done zip nada since the day after Mothers Day.

Barely done laundry.

Ditto groceries, Petsmart, drycleaners, all went kaput when his mother was admitted to ICU.

Ordinarily , I'd just be me and try to do it all myself , especially with a three day weekend, but I have finally grasped that if there is this much to do and it really needs to be done that I need to allow myself to ask for help.

SU has always offered to help and does both of the bathrooms when needed so it's not like he is all Cro Magnon about it all.

When we were first married mumble years ago ( 20+) I'd do it all in almost a full day...and then because I'd ignore the polio and back issue...I'd not be able to walk the next day.

As time went on, I loosened up.

I am fierce about the kitchen and hoover at least once a week..6 cats ya know...and love the new carpet cleaner...but if the beds don't get square cornered and there are dishes drying in the's okay.

Bathrooms get scrubbed every other weekend...most of the time.

And of course...I know how to close a deal.

" Honey..if you stay home and help CAN go to the Ice House for however long you want too."

My veteran has more than earned it...especially this Memorial Day.

Please..have a safe weekend...


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Welcome back, honey! I'm prepared for the torture!

Glad you're not trying to do it all yourself this time. Reentry into life is rough enough! Have a great long weekend and smootch your vet from all of us out here who appreciate the sacrifices our folks in service have made.