Monday, May 03, 2010

Yep...Here We Are

I laughed so hard when I saw this and thought of the SU and I that I had to use it .
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
As stated previously, Friday was a fairly crappy day.
I had left the office at 3 pm for the hair appt which is just about the only thing that got me through the day and then to finish off the day , the unused and curiously validated gift card to SuperCuts that I received as a Christmas present gave Miss Olivia all kinds of caniption fits so I left it with her so she could try to figure it out.
My only choice left ?
Retail Therapy.
My style.
I bought a new Hydrangea to fill in the last spot in the bed in the front of the house , two Coleus for the former Verbena planter...yes ..I did kill the Verbena , 2 really cute4 little plants..Sun Eyes (?) , Sweet Basil and Pineapple Sage.
All better.
We got everything planted and errands run..well by SU ...and the NG's went all kinds of nuts in their yard with planting and so on .
And it was sooooo f'g muggy.
We kept hoping that we would get some rain since we had done all that planting..but zip.
For whatever bizarre, world is about to implode reason, I was awake and out of the bed at 7: 30 yesterday morning.
I will wait as you pick yourselves off the floor.
Better ?
Water ?
Smelling salts ? was bizarre
I had cleaned the larger bit of the house the day before and had in fact gotten 90 % of the laundry done . I even got a double batch of Miss Ina's chiggin salad done.
So there I was..awake.
I could have slept in since I didn't have anything really except the sheets to do before I went to get the paws and claws done....but noooooo.
I made coffee, read the paper, had brekky, did the bacon and eggs for my take to work breakfast tacos for the week, made a chocolate chip pound cake, put away clean laundry, visited with the NG's for a few, checked the livestock ( herb garden in their pots) on the patio....watered the yard....
In other words I lost my mind.
After we got home, SU made up the baked chicken with Feta and I had a beverage on the patio while we waited for one of the gals to j oin us for dinner...
Yes, Sunday dinner with us is almost a weekly thing now.
NG and I decided all in all it wasn't a bad weekend as our personal chef prepared dinner and we had a glass of wine.
Not bad at all.
Have a great week,
Aunty Pol

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