Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Memory I keep Re-Visiting

I keep remembering the very first time I met the future in-laws.

Bear in mind Gordy is the better part of crazy.

We had not told anyone that we were going to get married because of all things...he was still technically married to Marcia ..aka First Wife or FW.'s taken me 20 years to not go off in a psycho bitch tirade about the FW so give me some credit..m'kay ?

Gordy and FW never really had a lasted 6 months and basically was due to her thinking that marrying some hapless idgit ( sorry honey..) would make her drug dealing boyfriend in Austin come to heel.

Yeah..she was that way.

Anyhoo....they never got around to the divorce bit after more than a few years because neither expected to remarry.

Enters Moi.


Anyhoo...He and I had been bopping around Gunspoint Mall shopping and after reentering the freeway, I suddenly needed to pee....I assume beers had been consumed somewhere along the days events.

Groom to be says no worries..he knows where to go,

Uh -Huh.

The next thing I know we are pulling up to a residential area I've never seen..followed by a driveway also unknown.

At this point , I am torn between being completely and utterly appalled and needing to hit the facilities.

And thus ...I got to meet my future sister in law.

Bear in mind I am in my beloved Black Sabbath Tee and black goth...just uber cute in my younger and thinner days.

After a short trip down the hall...introductions were made.

I must have had a really funny look on my face over all of this stupidity..yeah honey...not the way I had envisioned meeting your sister BTW !

After mercifully brief chit chat ..Charlotte says that they are going to her Church's Oyster Fry...blah blah fishcakes.

It was decided that we would meet there....and again unknownst to me...Gordy had known that his parents were I believe at Lake Conroe fishing he decided on the qt that we are going to go by there and see if they want to join in what by now is just super crazy cool tons of fun....NOT.

Off we still being clueless thinking that we were on the way to the Church gig...and I am of course praying for a beer or 6 to calm my now nuclear detonated nerves.

So here we are now in BFE Lake Conroe...hey I am a city the BFE is appropriate.

By now it has finally dawned on me that Gordy is making a tactical strike and that I am about tho meet his parents for the very first time.

It has also dawned on me that the engagement might be of record brevity since I might just have to kill him dead.

He has the good sense not to introduce me as his fiancee..thank you Gaia but makes some smart ass remark to his folks that I can't pass up demure lil ol me says to his father....

"I'm gonna beat the crap out of want to hold his head or his feet ?"

Pop bust a gut laughing and said I was ok.


Later on..

We are now living together...which his parents sincerely and strongly disapprove of due to their religious convictions.

We are in fact living next door to them in the house Gordon has been renting.

I have often wondered just how many gals the folks saw slip out of Gordy and his roommates house in the early am.

In all fairness to the folks, I am sure they thought I was just another one.

We are by now engaged but can't really tell anyone because of his status with FW and the fact that ALL of our friends would think it's too soon.

WAY to a month .

His fathers retirement party was at their church and so off we go.

As the party goes the point where everyone is sitting in a big circle with the guest of honor in the middle...introductions are made.

As Pop gets to me he gets a kind of grin on his face and announces....

" And this young lady, I have just been informed by my son is my future daughter in law....and I don't even know her last name !"

Yep...that's how we roll .

Personally I think Gordy panicked at my mentioning of an engagement party ...but it all worked out.

The girl in the Black Sabbath Tee has kept their baby boy on the mostly straight and narrow for 23 years.

Memories I now treasure.


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

(((Aunty))) Treasures all!
Stay strong, hon. Keeping you all in prayer.