Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Inner Geek Wants These

Go check out : wise..meh..but the idea..oh hell yeah.
Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

To blazes with fashion. Bring on the eyesight! Went cruising on the intertubes and (fingers crossed) this may be the start of something... other companies are working on different frame styles and different adjustment mechanisms.

I've got an ophthalmologist appt this month so I'll be asking his opinion. I am sick'n'tired of searching for the sweet spot and getting a crick in my neck!

Hell, yeah, I'm willing to be an early adopter and look like Harry Potter for a while! I can always wear the other specs when I want to look spiffy for some reason.

*sigh* There go my new toys for Christmas. Instead, if doc says they're worth it, I'll be takin' a walk on the nerdy side!

Thanks, Aunty!

Aunty Pol said...

We could start a new fashion trend sweetie..NERD GURLS UNITE !

I sooo want these .