Friday, September 10, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Happy Friday Kids.
I am finding that it is becoming a challenge to find new Bruce Avatars...but trust me..I'm just the sort of dedicated researching nerdchik to stay the course...all Bruce...all Fridays.
Not a helluva lot is going on down this way, school is back in session so the screams and wails of all the lil children can be herd city wide...that and the Zoloft enhanced sighs of bliss from their parental units....better them than me my dears..that's all I can say about that one .
I can tell that SU and I are ready for autumn in our own ways. FIrst of all...Su needs to get off his ass and make a batch of chili so that I won't have to listen to him bitch about the lack of said food of the rib sticking variety . Yes, it's less grilling and more filling time at the Casa...then Ben's wedding approaches and in an odd gender turn...SU is the one that needs new shoes. He has to wear prosthetic inserts now and has a new set to be used for dress shoes....but new wider dress shoes are needed that lace up ( I know , TMI ) so I am sure that a Dillards run will be happening soon. Other than getting his suit to the cleaners and a new dress shirt, it 's a done deal. Thankfully I am not particularly wardrobe challenged for this the outfit worked for the Godsons wedding two years ago...but with heels this will work again.
And then....I get to get the hell out of Dodge in my soon to be annual ( you have been warned Sistah) pilgrimage to the Northwest for all clams fried and maple bars.
I have my standards after all. For once I can see the actual leaves that have changed color and don't have to wait to get the baggie of them in the mail from the Sistah. You see, she knows that I love autumn and that the season is one of the few things that I miss living here in Tejas , so being the dear sweet thing that she is , she mails me some. Best friends get a free pass on creative torture...a little known Darwinian principle..hey...look it up..if it's on Wiki you know it's " true ".
And of course it's football season so the usual suspects will be out the work day after any given game, regardless of the start time because some of these ahats don't seem to get that if they start tailgating at noon for an afternoon or evening game, to quote Jeri Lees sister " I f'd up" will be the order of the day. Any one who knows me knows how little patience I have with all of this lets be honest here...yes..I have been that drunk..Miss work...nope. If you're gonna soar with the eagles, by Gawd you'd better be able to get up with the chickens. Worse yet are those who actually think that the rest of us are stupid enough not to see their lying about it..." Umm...pattern,....Game....out sick...yep..dats the one.
On the lighter seems that there is a new Eco chic/geek fad afoot..tired of mowing your manse ? Buy a goat. Or three..or a herd. I am not making this up, it was on todays MSN front scroll.....I wonder what Cindy would say since she's on the HOA board. More to the point....I wonder what Sgt. Panda Pants and Miss Gracie Marie would say.
Giddiup ?
I wonder if they have kitty size chaps for my boy ?
Have a great weekend.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Your dedication to all things Bruce is not unappreciated, sweetie! 'Tis the highlight of my week, you know (no comments about my lack of life, now!).

Snort! I have been using the same outfit for weddings, funerals and other events of import for, oh, the last five years or so... with the requisite change in footwear, of course! Strappy silver sandals for the neph's wedding... ohhhhh!

Now the mailing of the leaves is, indeed, a true sign of a sistah of the heart! Give her a hug from me when you get there on account of sistahs is special!

Loved the goat follow up!