Friday, September 17, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday !

Happy Friday Kids !

Lord am I glad that this week is over. I don't know what has flown up certain peoples skirts around here ...When you are reminded that Fed EX is NOT to be left in the lobby area before 4 pm...DO NOT jump my ass because I am assuming that since it went out under your attorneys name that you left it there. It was simple mentioned to you as a reminder that's all...BUT NO...AS IS YOUR NORM YOU BLOW A SNOTTY GASKET No..I didn't know that 3 other people also work for /with your attorney....not my job and that minutia BULLSHIT is above my f'kg pay grade....also note..I told the relief to MENTION it to you..the word BLAME was not used so jump off my ass before I fucking stomp yours you BIOTCH ! YOU are insufferable during the best of times and I am frankly tired or your pretensions and never ending supply of being a combo platter of know it all and singular lone worker bee around here...IN the future , I will be civil to you but do not mistake that for anything else.


Why can't folks just be civil....why do I get my ass jumped right off the bat for stuff I didn't do....?

At least it's the weekend and as annoying as SU can be, he knows better than to act like he's 12.

Have a great weekend.

I sure as hell will.


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Hon, there are deluded divas everywhere. I get 'em blowing gaskets when it WAS something THEY did (or shoulda done and didn't). 'Cause you know, they have PHDs and I don't. So clearly, I'm out of line by having the nerve to mention the misstep, even if it's with the intention of helping them out.

Glad you're gonna have a good weekend, sweetie!