Monday, January 13, 2014

Manic Monday Munchies

I found this today over at and it reminded me of something that my Grandmother would have made for my Grandfather. It's a smallish size recipe so it is not something she would have churned out for the Ladies Guild ( dontchaknow) for after service fellowship in the basement of Grandpa's Church. Even though technically it is no longer Grandpa's church because :

1. He 's retired and thus replaced.
2 . He passed away in 1993 which trumps the above .

I still think of the church ( First Lutheran , Winthrop, Minnesota ) as his because dagnabbit , it is so you can only imagine how my jaw dropped when we were there for his funeral and the parsonage ( GRANDMA AND GRANDPA'S HOUSE DAMMIT ! ) had been painted some gawd awful baby blue....heathens !


I want to try this out because it sounds interesting and if it bombs or hisself doesn't care for it and he is more than willing to say if it is so, I won't have wasted a lot of ingredients..that is unless the gals and I finish it off.

Have  a great week .
Aunty Pol