Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day # 2 Or Holy Shit, There's Ice On The Roof Across The Street !

Snow day number 2.


There is ice on the roofs across the street and icy bits from what I can see in the front flower beds so I for one am glad we stayed home. I was surprised to see that I did in fact have some PTO left over from last year so even  if it was only a week, I carried it over to cover such things as last Friday .

The office wasn't officially closed last Friday but they let it be known that if folks chose to stay home and not risk their lives and they had PTO , they could use that.


I am perfectly cool with that unlike some co-workers that felt abused at the idea of actually having to make a choice and use their PTO .

" Unfair " they cried.

Tough shit, grow up .

Because I can, I would have chosen to stay home whether I was paid or not. I can afford it and while I do recognize that this is not the usual case, no job  is worth my life and I really doubt one would be terminated having chosen to stay home .

So here we are...I on the laptop in the dining room watching " Sherlock " again and he is in the den. It's nice having my own laptop finally so I can be out here multitasking and not hovering trying to get my turn on the PC. I can listen for the dryer or the washer , watch tv from one spot play here .....Oh wait...here it comes ..." Bombs always have an off switch"..LMAO...always makes me laugh..Really ?

Anyhoo...pancakes for brekky...we have made full use of a free jammy day. Chicken  is cooked off for chiggin salad and Gracie is crashed out on the water bed. Silly gurl doesn't get why she really does not want to go out in this mess. ...twerp.

I refuse to think about all of the garden that is toast, I just hope that the Jasmine and Plumbago survive. Pinky ( the hibiscus) will be fine and lot if not the majority of the roses need to be replaced,,,wheee.

Oh well...spring will get here and I will go bonkers.

Good Times.

Stay safe and warm.

Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

Warming up any out there, honey? Colder than a WT here, too. Not a ton of snow, just enough to make things messy.

LMAO over the PTO! I hear that around our place, too, and salaried folks get 5, count 'em, 5 weeks of vacation (not PTO, vacation) to start. Of course it never changes, but still!! And yet we hear moaning and groaning when liberal leave is called and they have to use their vaca to stay home.

I'm worried I'm going to loose the rosemary that's been here 16 years. Gad! I can't believe I've been here that long. The rosemary that ate the east coast is in a sunny, protected corner between the house and the porch. She's huge and cloned herself via trailing branches. She's weathered 2' snows with no problem. (It's an ARP... a Texas rosemary!) But after weeks of sub freezing temps, she's looking peaked. Only time will tell.

You three cuddle and stay warm!

Hugs from B'more!