Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Vegging At The Casa

Yesterday was one of the strangest days in recent memory.

We had been  following the weather on the news because we knew that there was another cold front on the way and I am a weather junkie..I know , pretty damn lame. Nonetheless, when there is the threat of ice on the roads,,ears perk up.

Now, I had more than the usual number of chuckleheads come up and ask.." Are we going to be open tomorrow ? "

Yeah...I know all  of you want a snow day..I get that , I really do.

Here's a thought :

Listen to the damn news in the morning and make the adult choice.

No job is worth putting your life in peril.

Rinse .



If  the schools are closed , they are closed for a reason. I don't know if this still holds true, but federal funding for schools used to be based in part by the number of days students were actually present so they do not shut down willy nilly. It costs them money and like most everything else, they are a business.If the schools are closed, you as a parent need to be home with your genetic legacies. NOT bring them to work . If I have to explain this to you I will smack you , I promise .

I watched the look on Gordon's face as we watched the news and I had no problem deciding F no , I wasn't going in. Thank fully, when I mentioned to HR that I had chuckleheads asking me about firm policy, she agreed without prompting that using both common sense and pto *  if necessary was the way to go..bless her, I wonder about her at times but when needed, the powers that be do in fact step up to the plate.

I also have to give kudos to the local news wonks.

They gave real time coverage to the conditions in a calm and professional way for once rather than the  : OH MY GOD>>>> WE'RE GONNA DIE !!!! " sort of reaction that they usually reserve for hurricane season. Granted, after IKE and was humorous at times to see the Shatner-esq over acting about the conditions where there wasn't jack shite going on. They were focused and as we watched beyond their usual time frame we realized that it wasn't getting better, It continued to rain as since we were still below freezing, the ice kept forming. The girls don't park their cars in covered parking like we do so their cars were completely iced over. We could see ice on the driveway and in the streets.

I of course had my usual reaction to extreme weather . I have been on both ends and I only have one thought.

Get laundry, dishes etc done before we lose power.

No , it didn't look as if power was an issue but that's how I roll.

It was nice to stay home and watch movies but we both are like Gracie. After a certain point, cabin fever sets in.

Next time, I will make sure that we have enough groceries in the eggs.

It was over 60 degrees today so a Kroger run was made, I guess we didn't need the cupcakes after all....dammit.

I am sure that  Monday will be all full of war stories about the conditions that the young and dumb went through to get to work.....................yawn. one is going to be impressed...thrust me here.

Been there, done that .


Aunty Pol

* PTO = paid time off .