Sunday, January 19, 2014

Slacker Sunday - Just Waiting For Sherlock on PBS Tonight

We had the best time last night with Scott and Mindy. They had not been up to see the renovations from last year so it was great that everyone's schedules worked out . Gordy made the potatoes pictured above after reading the blog post I put up here and they turned out great . He found the smallest potatoes that I have ever seen at HEB,,they looked like large marbles ,they were that small I promise. Now , I think you could even use fingerling's or small red potatoes but what the hell. He was the chef so his call. Of course he had to make crab cakes because that's what every one always want and for us it's a no brainer

I do have to brag a minute because I was a good girl and when I realized that the triple chocolate pudding Gordy made had whipped real  cream on the top of it , with German chocolate shavings on it..I passed it down the table before the third bite.


YEAH ME !!!!!!!!!!!

One of  the more surprising things that I noticed is that as we have all gotten older, there was a hell of a lot less wine consumed for whatever reasons, and  waking up fairly intact was a nice thing. I guess that we are all at the point where we know that it is just not worth it anymore. Live and learn it seems.

Of course he is off today chasing the small white ball with the Moron ( said with heaps of love ) so I am doing the table linens and bits of laundry as I sit here and watch the third Transformers movie on the t slant v. LOL....we finally got the sound bar hooked up , of course it took a house call from the Geek Squad to do it....who knew we needed an OPTICAL CABLE for the beast. I gotta tell ya, I don't really  see ahuge improvement for regular cable tv, but for a movie...JEEBUS H ON A's like that old Memorex commercial and if you are not careful.....yowzah !

I probably won't make it up for the new " Sherlock " tonight since it is a 2 hour program starting at 9:30 cst but we are taping and I am off tomorrow so perfect plan at the casa. Bless his heart, he even taped the season 2 finale so we could get caught up...I guess I have to keep him after 25 years after all.

Have whatever  kind of week that floats your boat.

Aunty Pol