Monday, January 13, 2014

Toffee Talk Or Why Miss Janet Rudolph Will Be The Death Of Me Yet

Maybe because I was still thinking of Grandma Engwall , I thought of my OTHER favorite ice cream , not Rocky Road , the OTHER one..the elusive one that cannot be found at least by me at any cost ..anywhere .

Maybe it's just a Minnesota thing , I'm not sure but it is in the top 5 memories of Grandma's kitchen.

Butter Brickle Ice Cream.

Never heard of it , have ya .


Thought so.

The closest way that I can describe it is as a heavy duty French vanilla with bits of toffee in it. Not the nuts or the chocolate part, the actual toffee. Grandma would get extra swanky dontchaknow and would open a can of hershy's chocolate syrup and drizzle it over the bowl.

Bliss , pure bliss.

I have always had a passion for good toffee made with good butter and while some folks are happy with Almond Rocha  ( guilty), nothing beats good toffee.

I can see the confused look on y'alls face.'

So where the hell does Janet Rudolph come in  ?

Well , I read her blog " Dying For Chocolate " every day or I try to. It is one of those no fail sure to cheer my sorry ass up kind of things when I need it, inspiration when I can find it all amusing 365 days a year.

And she had this link for this toffee she wrote about.

Go check it out and if you are on facebook, follow " Toffee Talk."

Say that out loud and not think of Mike Myers impression of his mother in law from SNL and Coffee Talk.

I dare ya.

Aunty Pol