Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Friday ~ Bruce OF The Day ~ !

Fist they get rid of Burn Notice.

Now it's While Collar.


Never fails, if it's a favorite of ours after a few years kaput ( whispering...don't want to put my Gibbs in peril.)

Oh well.

Looks like all of the lesser formed plans that I had in mind for the weekend are kaput. He has to work and by the time he gets by the dry cleaners, I will need to zip to the nails shop and it's supposed to rain so unless I do some planting tonight after will be Sunday which really may not be to bad since the deck is covered and drains super well....hmm....okay...reshuffle the laundry from Sunday to Saturday...oh who the hell am I kidding ?

I may or may not get some of the planting done but I will be sure to check for water and baby them. I won't likely get the patio furniture hosed off until next weekend but that's okay since I am on vacation for a week starting the last Monday of the month.

I am looking forward to digging in the ground and I do need to cull some books that are still in boxes int eh den so it's a work in progress.

That is..unless I get a raging case of the F it's and do nothing but read Anne Rice .

Nah...lovely idea but I get annoyed with myself if I don't get done what I know needs to be done then I push myself to the point of back issues and then that crap starts.

Me over thinking it again...nah.

Not me.

Aunty Pol