Sunday, March 09, 2014

Lazy Sunday


This lil dudette is one of the few survivors of the awful cold weather we had. It's very delicate looking so I was really amazed it pulled through. I guess I could water the poor thing

Mr. Trejo came by and got almost all of the flower beds mulched, huzzah but weirdly removed some of the dead plants in the pots and also mulched those. I guess I can scrape off the mulch when I finally get to the nursery and re do the pots, it just seemed an odd thing to do but who an I to complain, it's done. He did prune back some of the shrubs like Andy;s Plumbago and the Hibiscus so I really hope that we don't have another freeze. Too early to say tho so fingers are crossed.

Hisself is going to go out with the Motley Crew so I will get a bit done around here but whether I get out of jammies remains to be seen. He did buy a really nice roast beast so yummo dinner !

And tomorrow is Monday..yuck !

But till then NCIS is on for the rest of the day so it's winner winner beast for dinner.

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol