Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wouldn't You Know, I Need to Buy The Other Pans I Considered,,,LMAO .


I had some nanners that were perfect for baking a week or so ago and so since hisself was out playing golf, Sunday is the perfect time to bake. I have to admit I have missed it more than I should ,  but with all of the renovation we did last year, it wasn't even on the agenda. Now hisself is always giving me grief about amongst other things..." Another Bundt Pan ? Jeebus H Woman, how many do you need ..lol." So there I was digging out the pans when I realized that they were a sorry mess. The 2 - 9 inch no stick had been my late mothers so I have had them since 1981.

And they don 't last forever.

Aside from the dings and the bendy bits, sooner or later the part that makes then non stick will peel off...yummy. And here's the thing, most people don't realize that with non stick, you need to NOT flour the sides of the pan ( even if you do that anyway because your pans may be old and you don't trust the non stickiness promise they made you in the late 70's and 1980's... Who me ? ) and do the bottom only because quick breads need to stick to the sides of the pan to rise up.

There is no yeast , hence the name "Quick".


Now , I must have a ton and a half of butter wrappers in the  freezer with some small bits of butter on them. I prefer this to ripping off a hunk of wax paper and grabbing a blob of Crisco. That method is just messy and wasteful cause I always grab more  Crisco than I need...come to think of it though , if I did the pans last ...tah dah..cuticle treatment while the miracle of baking occurs..hey ...I can  multitask y'all.

Parchment paper people...parchment paper .

Reynolds now makes it in sheets that are so easy. hisself discovered this at Kroger thus the world was a nicer place because the thrice damn'd ends of the piece you just tore off don't curl up on your cookie sheets.

And you don't have to go through King Arthur to order the sheets. I love KA for a lot of things..but parchment paper...??

Not so much.


Oh yeah !

Anyhoo I saw this over on  "One Perfect Bite " ,  and I have a rather well developed sixth sense for finding quick bread recipes..some people " See dead people " , I " See recipes "....LOL.

Gonna have to try it .

I guess I need to order the 8 inch pans....gonna need them sooner or later.

Aunty Pol