Tuesday, March 04, 2014

I Has A Sad .

I has a sad.

I didn't know that I was going to walk into a shit storm at work yesterday.

To put it simply, a personal friend was terminated.

I didn't put it together because sometimes the little gray cells just don't process that way.. The clues were there from a couple of things that I had seen , but I just didn't think anything about what I had seen, it didn't register ....until the three Amiga's ( receptionists ) were called into admin and told the bare bones.

And I promptly burst into tears.


I was to say the least, stunned.

I had to explain that my former co-worker was a personal friend of ours for over 25 years, and that I knew that the rumor mill would be  coming to me for details on this shocking event.

I was right by the way.

The now ex and I have actively kept our work life and personal lives separate. Yes, Gordon and I were there at their wedding, the birth of 2 of their children's and our mutual parents funerals.

We've had dinner together, long weekends together and the four of us know more about each other than most people realize because we were that good at keepings things separate at the office.

I will not engage in, endorse, pursue or participate in the rumor mill.

When he chooses to talk to us, he will.

I believe in my friend and not the crap fest that I am beginning to hear.

I miss seeing my friend already.

But, make no mistake, he is still my dear friend...no matter what .

Aunty Pol