Friday, March 21, 2014

It 's Here !

The Top Necklace is one that I already had . I love it a ton.

The second necklace is one that I got in today that I have lusted after for half a year.

I know, restraint, MOI ?

I have been collecting Art Nouveau and Boho jewelry for a while and at this point I guess I am a self  confessed Etsy addict.

What I love about Etsy is first, it is dedicated to small business owners who  large hand craft their products whether they be soap crafters, potters, painters or jewelry designers. By and large ,  you can custom order or change specifications for a custom fit. Go to Etsy and search for a shop named Comfortissimo. They are located in Serbia tho with an up date to their page it just says Europe. I have ordered 3 of their Hanna Tunics and adore them. I can specify the bottom length of the tunic and sleeve length in an order and it is custom made for me in the color I pick  for under $45.00 , including shipping.

I have bought jewelry as gifts and can custom order/change earring wires/lengths and necklace length for myself or the recipient.

Looking for Steam Punk..they got it.

Looking for custom leather work..they got it.

Looking for Jenny Parks custom Dr. Mew art work ..she's there. She is the artist who did the Tardis Rainbow Bridge and Black cat picture that I purchased to frame and hang in the house once it is matted.

Yes, some of the jewelry is pricey as I expect when real gemstones are used and I have bought some of that .

I have never had a problem with misrepresentation of any kind and the sellers are genuinely interested in feed back with their clientele.

If you want to see things that you won't find anywhere else and is one of a kind..go to Etsy.

Noodle around, no matter how esoteric, I bet they have it.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol