Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Is Here So Of Course It's Time To Run Amok At Home Depot.

It's been a stressful couple of weeks with work issues..oye . No, nothing that I am affected by, participating in or a victim or..I'm just a member of the audience. Unfortunately, a dear friend was not and is gone from the firm, but life marches on.


It's that time of year as I approach my birthday that I take that week off because I one of the requirements that I impose upon myself is to get my voluptuous ass back out to the garden and start the do over. Hence the picture picture above from this months Southern Living.

Container Gardens !

Beautiful to behold, not so much in the execution mode.

We schlepped over to Chrome Depot because I had seen geraniums outside of Kroger so of course I thought " Yee F'g Haw..Chrome Depot will have 'em.

Not so much.

It's early.

Way early.

Oh I got a few . I got the required Rosemary for us and Quintin , he must have his own small pot on the deck to brush up against after all . I got some other mixed plantings such as carnations and Hisself did find my beloved Shasta Daisy's so it's a start...

But, I know that the beautiful pictures of the finished containers will look nothing like mine if I attempt it because frankly it's like cutting your own bangs.

Great concept, tragic results.

The photos are perfect because they have been fussed over, styled and often photo shopped.

Mine can and often have looked as if they were done by a three year old hobbit.

Now Sistah has the knack for doing the most glorious pots of petunias and geraniums and while I adore petunias, I know that after Memorial day, the heat down here will just fry them. If I get one it won't be for the long term, just for that brief time we call Camelot....oops....Spring. My bad.

It's more amusing than annoying that there is no accurate zone for where I live. I think we are an 8 or nine on the standard charts which is just plain wrong.

Full sun...fine.

Full sun/Gulf Coast/South Texas....hang it up, they are just gonna burn no matter how close a personal relationship you have with your water utility provider.

$$$$$$$$$$ Bazinga.

Let the adventures begin.

I guess it's buh bye to the long nails and hello to the short no polish french manicure for now.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol