Thursday, June 05, 2014

A Tidy Cat Is A Happy Cat .

We have a new experiment at the Casa.

It;s another Gracie Marie story so you have been warned.

Aw..what the hell.

Anyone who reads this knows me to varying degrees at this point and what I write about. And lately is been food or the cat....I need to get out more or pin less.

We are uber aware of her bodily functions right now with the aftermath of " Oh Hell Noes You Aren't Gonna Throw That Crap Down My Throat."..and lets face it , after a couple of years of living with an incontinent cat , it's second nature.

Monday when we came home as I went down the hall, there was a present in out bedroom, a small dry stool deposit. My first reaction was not to get mad per se but rather pleased that the plumbing so to speak was operational . I did look in the guest bathroom tub where we keep the box and saw again, another dry stool in the tub. She had pee'd in the box as usual and there was no mess , just 2 areas that were out of character for her . Of course I asked her Daddy if he had cleaned her box and he said yes so I thought about it.

There may be a smell she senses in the box that she associates with her illness that makes her not want to poop there . We scrubbed the box out when she became the last Mohican so that she would not associate the box any longer with those who had gone to the Bridge..we'd done our homework and had not had any problem since we'd lost Boshi. In the greater scheme of things , Gracie has calmed down a lot since there is no sense of competition anymore, she is a rarity, a cat happily flying solo through life.

I'm hoping that a new box helps her sort it all out...saving that , I hope the accident was a fluke.

None of us want her to have to go back to the Vet any time soon.

Happy Friday Eve.

Aunty Pol