Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

It's been an interesting week , not in a bad way , and not in a weird way ..just odd.

Bordering peculiar .

It's rained since last weekend and we need it , badly . Especially considering that the Fourth of July is a week away and I recall a couple of years ago when we had the drought and the fire ban  . I have enjoyed not having to water except for the shade plants that are up against the house on the deck but on the other hand  Gracie Marie aka Grayson McFuzzypants aka the Kid is really not happy about no real Mommy and me time on the deck. She .. ( damn it..I am going to continue to refer to her in that gender I don't care what anyone says , I am the mama..) hates to get her paws wet but happily drank from a puddle on the deck itself from cushions I failed to see were on the drip line of the patio cover.  And she is not at all happy about me having to hold her so her Daddy can gently cut off some of her lumpy bumpies ( matted hair masses on her bib from medicine splashing her when we had to burrito her 2x daily ) but she didn't really squirm and it was pretty funny to see that she was basically hanging with her head upside down .

And he has to work tomorrow most likely and then zip by his fathers...and Southside says that he is going to come over Sunday and of course he will because he just has to show off what he purchased legally in Colorado....meh . He did of course get pulled over on the Texas side for going over the speed limit by 6 miles but given his age ( +50 ) , he was able to get away with a warning about the speeding.


But he's a grown man.

And I am still finding recipes to try out...if I can figure out the timey-wimey thing, because there is never enough.

Damn you  ,. sleeping  like a normal person, I am just too fond of you !

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol