Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Doubt My Mother Knew She Was This Ahead Of The Curve ~ Sorry Mom .

I was reading a bit on line that I suspect was a tongue in cheek piece about food trends, one of the newest being " Artisan Toast ".


Freaking TOAST.

Bread that is still good but too dried out for a sammich but still perfect for mopping up a soft boiled egg.

Yeah ...that toast.

I figured that my head would explode if I actually read the article because I have one of those nasty throbbing weather front change headaches where you basically have an invisible spike driven through the front of your skull where women of a certain age start worrying about the " Elevenses " know where that is.

Anyhoo, later on as I was reading some food blogs because hey, why not, I started seeing a trend popping up about wedge salads. Now since I hadn't had lunch at that point and was really feeling peckish , I thought.." Ummmm...salad...good."

It is also 95 degrees here in H town today so a salad sounded good.

So..I started to read some  salad posts , noticing that the majority were about this " Wedge Salad " and it hit me.


Ice Berg Lettuce.

The kind that I used to clean by the case at the restaurant I ran in Walla Walla.

The only kind of lettuce my mother EVER bought.

The only kind I thought there was  for the longest time.

I'm like that by the way in case y'all hadn't noticed.

And now it's a thing ?

My mother was a good cook considering her mid west back round and the fact that until she made in in 1968 , her parents had never, ever had spaghetti.

Of course they came over from Sweden so it didn't seem that unusual at the time tho Grandpa did tell Mom he really liked the " Tomato sauce and noodle hotdish."

In Minnesota it should be noted, if something even remotely resembles a casserole , it is simply called Hotdish.

Yes, the movie " Fargo " got that bit and actually a lot more completely correct.

But back to the salad issue.

We had salads growing up, nothing fancy, basic lettuce, cuke, tomato, carrot  , croutons  and Bacos if we had them salads.

Italian or Thousand Island dressing. Ranch had not become available but would have been in the rotation had it been around.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

And now it's a thing ?

Somewhere my late mother has a very smug grin on her face, I just know it.

I can hear it in my head.


Carry On..

Aunty Pol