Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy happy joy's finally Friday !

Huzzah !

Let the masses run amok.

Or not.

Even though it is technically the last day of Spring, it's 90 + degrees down here and a front is moving through. Grass pollen is up ..yeah ...and I have a blinding headache.

On a Friday for Chrissake.

Usually on any given Friday , I go home and do one of two things. I either sit on the deck and read or I sit and watch tv...or as I call it Brain Candy.

Mindless entertainment.

How mindless ?

Try " Say Yes To The Dress ."


Well hell it beats any real housewife of any given city and I know that we have a lot on DVR but those are the shows that we actually follow and I want to be able to actually pay attention to them.

But not tonight.

And as luck would have it , Scott and Mindy are coming up for dinner tomorrow so I really want to get beyond the pick axe that is taking apart my brain right now. We haven't seen them in ages for a variety of reasons ( work, school, sports, life, schedule, vacation...) so I am super happy to get to hang with them for a bit.

I can do what ever needs to be done house wise tomorrow while he does the prep and thankfully they are more family than friends after 28 + years so they really are fine which ever way we roll.


Either the lawn gets mowed or I'm buying a small goat.

One of the REALLY cute ones.

Have a  wonderful Solstice and weekend.

Aunty Pol