Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When In Doubt Wednesday

When in doubt , buy shoes .

I was putzing ...err....doing research on the web  today and I ran across these in Navy my size.

So , of course I had to buy them.

In Navy.

In White

In Black

In Geranium which is actually a bright pink.

Yes dear, the same color as the purse.

I was talking to a couple of co-conspirators and once they heard the word Navy..all three blurted out on cue.... "  Buy THEM ...NOW ! "

Amateurs !

I have been looking for summer sandals that I can wear to the office and these fit  the ticket. I have resigned myself to a lower heel or a wedge for safety's sake  but I have to draw the line somewhere. I am after all the woman who posted a picture of the only Tevas I would consider actually wearing and they had a heel.

Of course they had a heel.

Now these bad boys..cute and arch support...winner winner chicken dinner..

I hate to admit it but I am at the stage of my life where comfort is more important than a 4 inch heel with a 1 inch platform. When I take a step and there is no feeling in my left ankle or leg for that matter, rationally I know the reason and I know that it won't last very long, but as the panic attack takes over , I give in to reality inch by bloody inch.

Besides, shoe shopping took  my mind off the anvil sized sinus headache that has plagued me since about 3 am

Some folks Bayer.

I buy shoes .

Huzzah, the economy is safe for yet another day .

Carry on.

Aunty Pol