Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Well, it was a happy Friday..

Aunty Pol is verklempt.

USA network announced today that season 6 , starting June 6'th will be the last for " Burn Notice."

I may have to wear black for the finale. What am I going to do without my weekly " Chuck Findley " fix ?
What a world, what a world.  Well, as Bruce would expect , I shall bravely soldier on .

Other than that , it's been another ho hum week here in H town . We  have had some much needed rain which we lave a love hate relationship with but if it will help wash away the damn'd pollen, I for one will be grateful. Everyone, and I mean everyone is suffering to some degree with it right now so we are a sad little lot ...too think headed to be testy and simply trying  to endure.

In other news, it seems that season 11 of " Top Chef" will take place in one of our favorite cities , New Orleans so I will be intrigued to see Emeril's reactions to all of it on his own turf. It may get fugly down in the Quarter...bwahahah.

There are a lot of things I need to do this weekend, some I won't get to so it should be what passes for

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

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