Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Ah, the last day of May.
Or as I call it , the day before all of the local weather wonks get all " When In Danger , When In Doubt, Run In Circles, Scream And Shout ! "..because tomorrow is the official beginning of hurricane season.

Now, don't get me wrong, we do take this very seriously. Ike taught us all that. Southside Johnny got all freaked out when he first moved here at the idea of hurricanes. I don't think he remembers any of Camille when we were living in Virginia Beach, we weren't on he water , so for us it was just a huge ass storm. I found it ironic that a guy who lived in San Francisco and death with no warning earthquakes would be so freaked out about hurricanes.

We track them. Usually we don't become concerned until late August , unless the Gulf waters have stayed unusually warm.....and this may be another one of those years. We are supposed to hit temps in the  mid 90's next week and by that  I mean a forcasted 96...okay that is upper , not mid to the weather wonks..just sayin.

Anyhoo ,  SU and I always thought that since we are approximately 65 miles or so from the island that we would really not have more to deal with than a lot of rain. Then Ike hit.

Ike came straight up the ship channel and stomped the northside..hell...he stomped the whole area.

So we have our basic plans and over the next few weeks we will stock up on stuff.

At least this year , if we have to leave, we can afford to do so...I just hope it doesn't come to that .

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

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