Monday, May 13, 2013

Oh Noes !

We all loved Cafe Adobe.
Wah !
Best Mango Margaritas in town.
Beat the hell out of Cyclone Anaya's.

It was the kind of place you wanted to be on an early spring some one was often heard saying...." Hey Sarge, feels like a Cafe Adobe afternoon...". Not that I know who that astute individual might have been   , much less who this Sarge person was.

It was perfect for people watching , especially on a Saturday afternoon .At one point  some of us wanted to make up Olympic style score cards because we were quite adept at judging some ones choices in attire. And the parking issue is legendary . As in there was none if you got there at a certain point. We coined the phrase " Suicide Shimmy" as we would watch people scamper  from their car to the patio...and I must say , that name in more way is intended to malign, insult or belittle anyone whose life has been affected by suicide. All y'all should know that after 7 years but I just wanted to be sure.If you are offended after that statement..buh bye .


It wasn't fancy but the food was good and some day I will remember all of my 40'th birthday on the upper deck. Lesson learned : Never tell Headcase you aren't doing tequila shots even if it is your birthday because he will figure out a way to get you to do it anyway.

Oh well, the end if an era...which is just as well because I am too old to be doing that shit anymore .

Fer Real.

Aunty Pol

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