Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Well.....I Have Empty Hangers Dagnabbit !

Even before  I had ever heard of the Red Hat Society , I have always loved reds or oranges together with purple.
Weird , I know but there ya have it .

I used to have , back in the ..gasp....80's , a red skirt suit that I wore with a purple blouse about the color of the purple amethyst shown above...and red heels of course.

And yes, I have red hair. Dark red hair .

I have been recently looking for some more linen blazer style jackets from my usual suspect Chadwicks and there are a few contenders , but luckily for me, I still have a peach colored jacket that works well with a same color tank top , ( modest with the proper undergarments thank you very much employee guidelines ) , beige twills and heels..always with the heels.

The  amethyst , carnelian and garnet earrings and necklace were purchased off of Etsy back in February and just broken out when I reclaimed my dressing table...I almost forgot I had them..and then....or there is the pearl and amethyst copper bracelet...decisions.....decisions....

I found this scarf on Etsy so of course I had to have it.

One scarf = One new outfit !

And I think I have a light purple top in the closet, if not Tar Jay here I come.

Don't laugh..their Mosscino and Merona wonens and tanks are great and wash/pack like a dream.

Looking good does not take a butt load of cash..only a lil imagination.

Now...go shop !

Aunty Pol

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