Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The Current Experiment At Home

This past weekend SU had some errands to do before the garage  dude came over to replace a door so since he was going to Lowes, I asked him to get a couple of big pots so that we could transplant the lavender that had split  ( well, I thought it had , but since it did not I split the bastard anyway..mwahahaha) into 2 containers. The containers are so bit that they ate up a whole huge bag of potting soil, and yes it had gotten THAT big....
Anyhoo, I also asked him to get me some more Shasta Daisy's because  I love them dearly. Bless his heart, he looked all over at the Lowes that we got the first batch from, even going as far as to ask a clerk, ( good boy ! ) , Sadly , there was none to be had. WAH ! But...because he is smarter than the average bear, he had this idea...so.....we have a new experiment .

You would have thought we were hatching baby chicks the way we read the directions and watched as the pots absorbed all the carefully measured water..seeds were carefully tucked in and I will check on them tonight. I would have done so last night but the hip is  giving me fits so between that and the ozone/pollen, I was crashed out at 7: 45..I kid you not.

Hisself asked if this was the plan for tonight and I said semi..yes, as usual I am taping NCIS /GRIMM but I need to check on the plants and I need to stop after work tomorrow to get more potting soil. Tonight is the dry cleaners and that is a push since they close at 7..ramble much Pol ? LOL .

We are having our first dinner party since the reno /post Xena's illness on the 18'th and I really want to try to get all of the new plants in pots and that bit cleaned up. My yard guy Mr. Trejo did a wonderful job mulching and cleaning out all  of the flower beds but the deck is as much a room to me as any other in the house so that has to be tended to.

I will say this much. other than the OMG dusting, it is a hell of a  lot easier taking care of wood floors than before with carpet. And since the paint/trim/counters are all new and we are hyper aware of it, we are more tidy ( I hope ) than before. I am thinking about those Windex pump wipe dispensers for each of the bathrooms..we shall see and I will explain it to you at home dear.

And since you read this SU, there are a few things that need to be done before the party but they are simple and it will be as always....I clean and you do the prep work/cook.

Easy peasy .

Aunty Pol

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