Friday, May 17, 2013

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Brace For Impact !

I was delighted to see that a blogger that I consider a gal pal , even though we haven't actually met posting  again after a long dry spell.

She always makes me actually laugh out loud and we share a love  for pocket dragons, sarcasm and life's absurdities when dealing with the public. We calls 'em likes we sees 'em .

She prefaced her latest post by saying that it was a rant, she knew she might offend some readers but what the hell. Her posted opinion was one of her own, just a personal opinion  ,  regarding how sick to death she was about the endless parade of wedding plans shared ad nauseum where ever she turned . Then there are the babies, ultra sounds and the expectation of others that she fall into the blissed out state that is some requirement of our gender when one is breeding.

I completely get it.

Thirty nine years ago , I lost my children David and Elizabeth .  That damage will never completely heal . After that I had a few more miscarriages until finally by the age of 31, I had a medically approved hysterectomy. A few years later, to my delight I remarried. I never anticipated doing so but fully recall the avalanche of heart breaking questions...enough to generate some well fueled anger. SU and I eloped and it was thrown in my face that because of that , I was not entitled to any sort of shower , even though up to that point I had gladly participated in other events when invited. I guess I knew my "co-workers " opinion when they went so far as to post a Dear Abby " column supporting their position on my desk....and them resumed to plan yet another shower for a bride who ELOPED . After a while, those who knew of my sterility ,  began to breed and thought if I just held their spawn ( AND NO..THIS IN NO WAY APPLIES TO MY SWEET PEA, YOU WILL HAVE TO RIP HER OUT OF MY ARMS....) I would get over it. This is the other side of how my gal pal was treated...we are either abnormal because we don't want children or abnormal because we can't have them. For some it's a choice, others not so much. But it's our lives .My gal pal may feel however the fuck she wants to because it's her right and her life. I will defend that to the bitter end. I may not always agree with some ones opinion but I will fight tooth and nail to make sure that they have the opportunity to have said opinion.

Some of us can't have children. Others , like my gal pal don't want them.And yet , she has been made to feel less than human because SHE WON'T DRINK THE KOOLAID .

I don't give a flying fuck in a rolling donut what anyone else says once they get to ..." But....But...surely you don't mean that ..give it time.....yada yada yada fishcakes. part as if she is simply confused by her feelings"

It's her blog and she can write what ever she wants. She was  , and is aware that she has been gone for  a while ( HER BUSINESS Y'ALL) and went so far as to be open about needing  to rant.

It just pisses me off that some one I have come to respect has been made to feel less than human for stating her own opinions.


Aunty Pol

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