Monday, May 13, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday

Ah, it's that time of year,,,,,Summer law clerks.

We only have three of them this year and damn, they are just so bright and shiny ( LMAO ) it makes your teeth ache. I actually have shoes older than them . As they go through their orientation with the managers, walking around the floor , the give off their best baby duckling Bambi run.

The powers that be will do what has been tradition since Christ was a corporal  . They will wine them and dine them and give them research papers to Lexis/Nexis till the cows come home. The lazier of the associates always look forward to their arrival because they are confident that they can foist off some long over due, tedius project that a partner or two has been screaming for. I've seen this too many times to not be 100 % correct in my predictions..

Children , just remember , if the firm makes you an not come down with a case of first year in practice-itus . We all know the symptoms..entitlement, rudeness, bad people skills and the general attitude that you are better than any and all of the staff.

Heads ain't .

Yes, you may make the big bucks and get all of those lovely bonuses but you are also working 80 hour weeks.

I on the other hand , work for much less and have a life.

Heh !

Aunty - " You Will Fear Me  " - Pol

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