Thursday, May 14, 2009

Be Proud - I was Strong


Once again , as predictable as the sun's rising and setting...a certain segment of the office was visibly shown that we are considered second class by the powers that be.

Venders do upon occasion try to get or increase their business dealings with clients by offering a free meal or some other incentive to boost their profit .

This is a normal , healthy path to capitalism that is good for everyone.

Everyone that was invited to the party.

When I was a child, the rule was that if you didn't have or bring enough for everyone to share in...we all know the rest. Sadly this did and does not carry over into the real world or adult life.

I am not angry that a certain section of my co-worker got a free catered box lunch today. Most of them ( I AM being kind here..) work hard and deserve a perk now and then.

What angers me is how the out and out blatant manner in which the idea was broached. In essence, if you did not perform that job function, you were told don't even try to get your name on the sign up list.

Yeah Team.

Even tho I and many like me work for all the attorneys here and with the secretary's and paralegals,,,WITH THE SECRETARIES AND PARALEGALS....NOT FOR....WITH THE SECRETARIES AND PARALEGALS....thus we have to keep all the of them happy and yada yada yada...erk...and was made all toooo apparent where we are on the food chain.

And they wonder why I hate these happy fuckers a lot of the time...sigh.

Let's hear it for promoting and fostering a greater sense of good will and morale here at work.


I hope that a certain portion of the above , entitled elite fucking CHOKE on their special Princess gifties.


Dear Gaia,

Tomorrow has to be better...if for no other reason that it is Friday.


Aunty Pol

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