Thursday, May 21, 2009


Progress is being made.

I have never, ever been so happy to see someone eat a frito pie before....and because of the salt and the fact that I do not like chili...irony much ?
SU told me on the way home that we needed to Kroger....that is par for the course.
He knows that I hate to grocery shop unless I am going to spend a certain amount of ducats, usually requiring a coupon pull which is mandatory for me, plus the perusal of the current ad and the fact that I have to actually go in and look and the meat/chicken on sale..whatever.
He goes in , I grab a smoke and off we go.
Yes , for the most part , I have kept to the original agreement that I will not smoke in Pearl so he knows the drill.
When we got home and did the usual....I noticed a can of Chili on the counter.
He had already told me that other than cleaning the lower plate when it was wonky about 11:30 a.m. that after he put it back it stayed and did what it was meant to do.
He actually ate a meal tonight that made him feel full.
Let the dancing begin.
I know it sounds stupid but after the last 5 weeks , not to mention the last year , this is a big deal.
He knows that I am going to do a small crock pot brisket this weekend that we can shred out and bought the good German potato salad we like so I am very hopeful .
We are looking at a pressure cooker that I suspect will be the new toy fairly soon.
Good times people....good times.
Have a safe and happy holiday weekend and please........
Remember what Memorial Day really means.
Aunty Pol

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