Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Did So Look Forward To This

Any one who knows me knows that I am a devoted die hard fan of Basil Rathbone aka Sherlock Holmes . The above is a random screen shot of Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce taken from one of the early " Sherlock Holmes " films directed by Roy William Neil.
Yes, complete fangirl here.
I can quote with above average accuracy the dialogue of any of the BR/NB/RWM films at the drop of a hat .
I went through highschool answering to the nickname of " Watson" and still do when the oldest and dearest of chums lets that bit fly.
One chum still answers to " Holmes " and the other to " Lestrade ".
Yes...very sad...I know .
Basil Rathbone did a number of other films and I was super excited to see that TCM was going to run the 1930 " Bishops Murder" , in which he played Philo Vance.
The sound was awful......I mean truly wretched.
I know , I are all thinking ..." Pol , you goober...what do you expect of a movie made then ?"
Evidently a hell of a lot more.
Far be it from TCM to actually clean up the sound .
Too Friggan Easy.
With heavy heart , I erased the was that bad.
Hopefully the three Johnny Weissmuller " Jungle Jim " movies fare better . is a sad and pathetic life I lead...NOT.
Time to check the Netflix que.
Have a great one...
Aunty Pol

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