Friday, May 01, 2009

Finally Friday

It's been one of those weird weeks, neither bad nor good...just something I can't quite classify .
Anyone who knows me knows that I hate, detest and abhor meetings.
So guess what I had today....really....take a shot .
Disguised as a " Lets get lunch as a group " crap fest , off we trot.
Me , being the ever hopeful thought .." Well , okay. Nothing was said about an agenda so maybe...just maybe for once , it is simply what it is ."
Silly, silly me.
Food is ordered..yeah.....solid food.
As we wait, the question is broached...." So what it going on ?"
Usually , when we talk amongst ourselves...we mutter about this and that . What is the current " Oh they did not...really ? Whoa shit...."
One of them will NEVER, EVER bring up a problem to our PTB. The other talks good shit till the time comes to actually bring it up.
Me, I try to make a point with examples without naming names or getting all snitchy about it...
When asked, I gave specific examples of problems and made clear that I had in fact documented occurrences.
I offered solutions.
Since I have been there longer than all of the others, I quoted Firm Policy .
When we got back to the office , I fired off a professional, polite e mail with the bullet points of the discussion to the PTB.
Will anything change..Oh Fuck No.
Will I do it again....Oh Fuck No.
I've finally grasped that the whole discussion of ideas bullshit is just that .
Problems don't want to be recognized , much less addressed.
And I sure as Hell am not going to wear the hair shirt of " She who complains..".
Lesson learned.
Have a great weekend.
Aunty Pol.

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