Friday, May 01, 2009


Sometimes I wonder why I do this.

There are many, many blogs and authors out there that I sincerely admire and read faithfully . Some are dedicated to a craft or hobby , such as cooking or baking . Their talents, trials and adventures inspire me and amuse me. Some of their experiences mimic mine .

Some challenge me to try something new . Some make me think. Some make me laugh until I swear to Gaia , I have to pee.

Some provoke me to think about something in a new light.

Some are just so damn good it amazes me.Some are for extended families so that they can stay in touch .

Some relate to the profession that I work in now or have in a previous life.

Some are just friggan funny .

Then there is this..lil old me.

In many ways , this is a release for me. It has no topic, no center , except for the parts of my life that I choose to share with those who know this blog actually exists.

Those who do know of it are people I trust and like, friends who will not judge and in fact get that this is just a form of conversation in place of the opportunity for a verbal exchange ( run on sentence were after all warned at the door.)

There are times that this is just a rant.

There are times this is just about the katz .And the raccoon...and the lizards and the cardinals and the blue jays and the possums and the rest of the life here in the peaceable kingdom.

I've often thought about why I do this .

Then it hit me, this is just a form of a diary that I choose to share. It is a release for the moments that I have , when I can't for what ever reason address things in the real world...what ever the fuck that is this week .

For those who know it's here, enjoy the perverted mind I's all just s and g anyway.

Note : If you don't know what s and g means..honey are in the wrong place.


Aunty Pol

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