Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Okay..okay..In my own twisted little mind , this made me laugh my ass off...for ten..that's right...10 SOLID MINUTES.

It's sooooooo Minnesota , in it's own lil way.


I know it's my final destination, since I still can recall with both glee and mirth ( patent pending y'all) the phone call to the beloved father proclaiming for all the world to celebrate the following :

Me: Hi Daddy

Him: Well, hello yourself.

Me: Guess what !

Him: Err, 't have the slightest..

Me: Um....okay. Guess what ! I'm no longer the Whore of Babylon !!!!!!!

Him: Out right laughter ( SCORE ! - A rarity from the paternal'd have to know him)
How so ?

Me: Well...It seems that the cousin..Blah de dah has been cheating on her hubbs and they are in the process....TaDah !

Him: Ta Dah ?????

Me: Yuppum....I may be the first divorcee in the fambly ..but not for being a slut....I hereby give the Tiara of Trampiness to Blah de Dah...long may she reign.

Him: Chuckle

Me: You know me daddy , I am easily entertained...

Have a great day.


Aunty Pol

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