Wednesday, May 20, 2009


One of my favorite bloggers of all time , Sous Gal is hanging up the bloggage.
I ran across her blog by chance and was so taken by the honesty and courage that I actually went back and read it from the very first post. I recommended it to SU and he in turn put it in the daily must read rotations...yeah....we do that .
It was thought provoking, amusing, LOL funny and oh shit no all at the same time . I could relate because of my husbands experience in the field and my own in the wide world of food service. You have to have worked in the trenches to get a lot of it .
Then there were the other areas that I related to on a personal level dealing with divorce and self worth.
People blog for a variety of reasons.
Some of the bloggers are just funny beyond laughing till you have to pee, some are amazing in their style and gifts . Some are self serving get the idea . There is a whole world out there and long gone are the days that one might assume that anyone who blogged was a shut in crazy cat lady.......
I have used this blog for a variety of reasons , all my own . Sometimes it is because I have seen or read something that is an OMG or WTF , over ? Sometimes it is to ponder life at Casa de Swamp and the adventures of two outnumbered bipeds in the peaceable kingdom. Other times it is to address something to SU that always comes out in a more reasonable fashion when written out as opposed to me tearing him a new point of contact. Sometimes it is just random bullshit and other times a rant at the place of employment.
The WR's ( Work Rants ) are something that I am uber careful about . First of all , I live and work in what is known as a " Right To Work " state.
Google it .
I am careful unto paranoia about the content here .
A good portion of that is simple courtesy and decency...stop laughing...I CAN see you !
Just because I am pissed at someone or thing does not mean that I have the right to out them in a way that identifies them to anyone. The same applies to my employer. This is a business .
So , while saddened, I do understand SG's reasoning.
It's called being a grown up .
You will be missed SG..please stay safe and happy.
Aunty Pol

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