Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday Mania

Look honey...........Bebe Andy !!!
Ok, Ok...I know that we don't have any bebe snaps of the tribe. That we have been in fact derelict in our duties as gobsmacked parents in this area...but hey..I tried.
It's been challenging here at the Casa.
Hisselfs new choppers SUCK !
Actually..that would be an improvement. There is nothing I can do or say abut this right now. Myself.....I would be eviscerating certain members of the medical profession...but hey...the week is not over yet.
All kidding side, he has been very reasonable about all of this . His questions have been rational and well thought out. And he is pissed . No, not the British idea of three sheets to the wind as we say...fucking irate beyond words.
Worse yet, very disappointed.
No one in their right mind wants to go through what he has gone through in the last three weeks and the year leading up to this .
But...when it came balls to the wall time, he embraced the idea. He looked forward to it even to the point that he knew that it would get better.
They don't fit properly, he cannot chew a damn thing. The lower plate pops off/up at the drop of a hat . He can trowel on the fixodent..and gang..that shit ain't cheap , even when you buy it at Slammin Sammy's.
Tuna Fuckin Noodle Casserole was a bitch.
Am I
I am angry for him
This is never good.
I am hoping for a better week.
I live in denial.
Aunty Pol

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