Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh Mai

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a geek.

A science fiction/fantasy/rpg'g/DND-GM obsessive fan girl.

A delicate flower with an inkvine whip.

Sad that there are no openings for dragon riders on Pern.

Miss Lisa sent me the above linky on another topic and then this one .

I am lucky that my job no longer is suprised to see me howling with laughter since for the most part they are all in on the joke.

Hit Mr. Linky.

I promise you , you will be howling.

In a good way.

Pinky Swear.



Aunty Pol


Kanani said...

Ha! Snort.... I almost peed my pants!

kleinwort said...

My reaction, too, when I first read it. :-) Haven't seen any other "long form" LOL works out there, though.

Did you heck out his one up of House?

kleinwort said...

uhhhh... "check out" not "heck out."

Aunty Pol said...