Monday, September 07, 2009

Self Portrait - Labor Day 2009

That was me today.
Total Slothfullness.
Or me on the floor after a "NCIS" day long marathon.
Either fully apply.
Actually, we needed a day off.
He worked Friday.
I did not.
I played hooky which he was more than happy about as I have a habit of busting my ass on a day off.
I did get a bunch of the laundry done, but that is nothing. I tend to leave the towels and rugs folded on the dining room table when I know we are going to be doing the bathrooms. Call me silly but I won't put clean rugs on a dirty floor.
I know , I know....Dur.
The NG's came over for dinner last night which we haven't done in ages. Nothing fancy, meatloaf, mac and cheese ( trust me..throw bacon and or pepper jack cheese in there....yowza !) and Miss J made sweet potato muffins... they were damn tasty for breakfast too.
This morning he helped the Moron change brakes and shocks and then they did our breaks so by the time they were done...there's cold beer and golf at the Ice House..Buh Bye.
I hope everyone had a nice long weekend.
Back to the Salt Mines....Wah !
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol


purplegirl said...

I was reading ("Enchanter's End Game"!) and had the tv on tonight; "Robot Chicken" was on, which I don't usually really watch as it's frequently stupid and gross. As I was reading, though, I heard a familiar voice. I had to rewind it (I love DVR) to be sure, but it was totally the Brucester. And my first thought was "I have to tell Aunty Pol about this!" :)

Calamity Anne said...

Glad you decided on NCIS...definitely the better of the least in my mind. As for the Baconnaise...I put in a request at the Kroger's out by me, but nothing's happened there. I do know that you can buy it at Central Market...even though it's a pain in the ass getting there! I guarantee the stuff is damn good! Also, go check out the links on my site for Baconnaise, Bacon Salt, and their blog (which has lots of great recipes using their products).

Aunty Pol said...


Re Baconnaise : Amazon has it of all places in their food section and QVC has it..The only difference in the price would be the shipping...I am sooo tempted. How salty is it ? I swell like a pontoon..and yes..I loves me some salt...bwhahahaha