Friday, September 25, 2009

She's Growing Up So Fast !

Sometimes I feel like I just blink once, and she is growing up so damn fast . I know this is normal and so forth and I rather suspect that it is more evident to me since we live in Texas and she lives in Denver.

It's hard at times to sense the changes that I see in her and not be there, but she has her parents and her Grandparents and I know my place in the food chain.

I suspect that my parent's families felt much the same when my brothers and I were growing up. Daddy was a carreer Naval Officer so we were the the ones that were always off somewhere . Travel was much different then and I can count the number of times we went to see the Grandparents prior to 1968. It makes those memories more sharp and vivid because they stand out so clearly.

She is lucky to have family closeby though because I can speak from experience that it makes life easier for all .

It can be very isolating when you are always the ones that are gone and can in the extreme foster a false sense of family closeness .

This can be very hurtful in some cases because the illusion versus the reality can be brutally harsh.

Acceptance can be painful, but it can be achieved .

In the end , the reality is much easier to live with than the false hope that never is closer than just out of reach.

She has no idea how much we love her and miss her and her parents...but financially a trip is out of the question there it is.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol


Calamity Anne said...

That's always my fear...that the kids will relocate and then we'd be so far away from them and our granddaughter.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

I know. Oh, I know.